The Bodemé workshop is a one-day, 8-hour, HIV prevention intervention targeted to young Black gay/bisexual men, ages 16 to 29. The goal of the workshop is to build self-empowerment and resilience in the participants. Bodemé is based on traditional concepts of gays and lesbians taught by the Dagara people of West Africa before the coming of the Europeans, Christianity, or Islam. The workshop has three modules: Body, Mind and Spirit

The Bodemé Workshop

The primary reading material is the book, The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships by Sobunfu Somé (New York City: Quill/HarperCollins, 2002). Bodemé in Dagara language means “gatekeeper.” Through presentations and interactions, Bodemé presents a different yet traditional African cultural narrative for YBGM as it pertains to self, sexuality, self-esteem, and sexual behavior. Bodemé is interactive and empowers YBGM to think of their sexuality in a new and different way.

The Bodemé workshop curriculum has three modules, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Spirit Module Goals:

  • * Increase knowledge of cultural “narratives”
  • * Increase knowledge of sexual energy and its use
  • * Increase knowledge of an African narrative on sexuality and gay men

Body Module Goals:

  • * Increase knowledge about HIV/STI infections
  • * Increase examination of sex partner bodies
  • * Increase knowledge of structural determinants and HIV infection
  • * Increase knowledge of PrEP and nPEP
  • * Increase knowledge of Treatment as Prevention

Mind Module Goals:

  • * Increase knowledge and access to HIV testing
  • * Increase awareness about delaying sexual intercourse
  • * Increase awareness of childhood trauma influence on adult behavior
  • * Increase knowledge and access to HIV testing for couples
  • * Increase knowledge of sexual “outer” course vs. intercourse
  • * Increase knowledge of sexual relationship dynamics
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